Don’t Get Inked When You Are Sick

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It is more than likely common sense not to get a tattoo when  you are sick or not feeling quite 100% but this is a huge tattoo don’t. Many tattoo artist as well as experts will worn people not to get inked when they are sick, think they are sick or simply feel run down a bit. The main reason for this is your immune system is a bit run down and it doesn’t need the extra stress of worrying about a new tattoo that has just been inked on your skin. So if you are planning on getting a tattoo on a certain day and find yourself a bit under the weather, wait until your are your full self again.

Also another great practice to get used to when thinking about getting a tattoo is making sure you take plenty of vitamin C. This will help the healing process as well as your health. Also another tip people should be aware of is not to take any kind of pain reliever before you head out to the tattoo parlor or studio. Tattoo artist say not to practice this because pain relievers can thin your blood causing you to bleed more. If you bleed too much it can effect the quality of your tattoo. So if you are concerned about the pain, you will simply have to tough it out until after you have gotten your tattoo. After that you are more than welcome to take the pain reliever of your choice. Another quick tip is to stay away from the bottle before getting a tattoo, it too will thin your blood making you bleed more.

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  2. Rob said,

    This is a good entry.

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