Tattooing A Certain Body Part May Become Illegal

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One of the greatest things about tattoos is that you have control over every aspect of the tattooing process. From what your tattoo design will be and where you want your tattoo to reside for the rest of your life. Well this all may change for the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is taking serous action against getting one body part considered illegal to get tattooed. The body part they are trying so hard to make illegal getting tattooed is the white part of the eyeball. A Senate panel has already passed the bill to prohibited this body part from being tattooed, all that is needed now to make it official is to have the full Senate pass the bill.

However, lawmakers are quick to admit that this practice of tattooing the white part of the eyeball has not caught on by too many citizens of the state of Oklahoma.  Several do fear this practice may caught on in their beloved state, due to the fact that several people living on both east and west coasts have eye tattoos.

Besides the awful pain and discomfort a tattoo in this area would cause it can also cause an even worse reaction, blindness. Ophthalmologist’s say this procedure is very dangerous and should not be able to be practiced. It not only can cause loss of vision but it is also susceptible to easy infection. So if you live in the state of Oklahoma and are dead set on getting a tattoo on your eye then you will more than likely have to travel out of the state to get this tattoo done.

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