Why Do Foot Tattoos Fade So Quickly

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There has been a lot of speculation about why foot tattoos seem to fade a heck of  a lot faster than any other tattoo. Some say it is because your foot goes through a lot everyday. From sweating, to socks and shoes rubbing up against them. Also some people claim that since your feet tend to shed more skin more often its hard for the tattoo to heal. But this doesn’t make any sense because tattoos are injecting into the dermis layer of the skin, which is the second layer of skin. The epidermis layer is the first layer of  skin that constantly sheds.

What is known about foot tattoos is that color does not hold up so well on the foot. It tends to fade almost immediately and may end up looking blurry. So if a foot tattoo is something that is of interest for you than you should know a few helpful little tips. First you should go with black ink or dark blue ink. These two inks are known to hold up a better on the foot as well as anywhere else on the body because they tend not to fade as quickly. Secondly, you should know that getting a tattoo on your foot is very painful. Some woman compare it to childbirth, while others say its not so bad. Again you have to keep in mind every person has a different pain tolerance. But one thing is for sure a lot of tattoo artist say foot tattoos rank as one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Thirdly, to help your foot tattoo from fading it is probably a good idea to wear flip flops or sandals whenever possible.

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  1. lux lux said,

    hey there! love this blog, wish i had looked at it ages ago!
    i got my first tattoo on my toe a day ago, luckily went with a black outline – i figured i can get it filled in colour later if i choose. its sound advice, expect for the last bit:
    without trying to big myself up, this was so NOT a painful tattoo to get! it wasnt a big job, but really- i found myself wondering if the whole tattoo pain thing is just a myth, because it felt no worse than dragging a fountain pen over my skin.
    lets see how my next works out, though- im planning ink on the backs of my knees..:)

  2. Rob said,

    Why have you deleted all of my comments? They weren’t mean or negative.. I didn’t agree with you on everything but that’s ok… I filled in some information you had missing on a few entries and it’s kind of important you keep your readers as informed as possible, especially when it comes to things like healing their tattoo…

    • Ashley said,

      Rob they were not deleted on purpose. I was having computer issues and several comments got deleted.

  3. Diana said,

    thats cute

  4. mattanderson said,

    I love foot tattoos. I think they are hot!

  5. Makia said,

    I love it. Thanks for the info!

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