Want A Tattoo But Have A Low Pain Tolerance

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If you are one of those people who can not handle pain very well but have always wanted a tattoo, don’t fret there are some places on your body that are not as painful as others. Also don’t let others people’s stories about how painful their tattoo was scare you. However, it is common knowledge that getting a tattoo is no walk in the park. You should know there will be some pain and some discomfort, no matter what. The best thing to do is just try to mentally prepare yourself that you are going to be experiencing some pain and try to deal with it. The mind can work wonders.

If you have a low pain tolerance but really want a tattoo, then it would probably be best to get a tattoo on your shoulder blade, your thigh, your rear-end or the upper part of your bicep. Just keep in mind any area on your body that is mostly skin and bones is going to hurt a whole lot more than a part of your body that has more cushioning on it.  Another great tip for those that are pain challenged is picking out a tattoo design that is not so big, so the length of the time of the tattoo will not take as long, therefore you will be done quicker and won’t have to experiencing any more discomfort than is required. Also be sure not to self medicate yourself with some Tylenol beforehand, this can cause you to bleed more. The more a person bleeds the harder it is for the tattoo artist to do good quality work.

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