Lily Allen Regrets Shhh Tattoo

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Just as one could imagine Lily Allen has now admitted that she regrets getting her on her index finger. Her new BFF Lindsay Lohan also got the same tattoo on her index finger as well. Sources are saying the Shhh… tattoo was Lindsay’s idea to begin with and Lily thought it was really cool so she agreed to get one with her newest BFF. Well as we all know Rihanna has had a Shhh… on her index finger for a year now. And it seems that Lily honestly did not know this, if she had she never would have let Lindsay talk her into getting that tattoo.

Lilly has said:

I’ve since found out Rihanna’s got the same thing, so it’s not really… I mean she’s very cool – but I thought I was being original,’

This is a great example of not letting someone peer pressure you into getting a tattoo. Some sources believe that Lindsay Lohan knew about Rihanna’s tattoo and she thought it was the coolest and wanted to do the same thing. So she talked her new BFF, Lily Allen into getting one with her. This is a prime reason why you shouldn’t let someone talk you into getting a tattoo. This is a decision that needs to be made one your own and your shouldn’t have anyone influence you, otherwise you will end up with a regretted tattoo. This is also another great lesson to be learned about not deciding spur of the moment to drop into a tattoo parlor or studio and get some fresh ink. Tattoo designs need to be thought out!

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  1. Bobbie said,

    Being original really takes a lot of talent these days. She should not be depressed. There are lot of ways she can get of this mess or just reedit the tats.

  2. Shane said,

    I think regrets of tattoos are almost a thing of the past. People regret tats so much because they are so perm and they can’t change them. Well the new ink that’s out, black this year, color in another year or so by Freedom2 will change tats and the people who get them forever. Barely out in late jan, early feb, and tat shops already are using it. Devoloped by the lovely peeps at harvard the ink can be removed in 1, possibly a few more, laser treatments. And unlike the ink now days that leaves behind a faint mark, this ink will be completely gone. Now no more traces of that ex for boys and girls. And unlike the traditional ink that isn’t regulated by the FDA and some inks could have harmful chemicals, this ink has only FDA approved products in it. But it’s just as permanent if you never want it gone. Although with this new ink it’s great to know I can be young, tattoo everything I want, and when I’m ready to grow up, be serious, and get a grown up job, I can get easily remove my ink with 1 or 2 visits from all visible spots and leave the rest behind.

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