New Henna Tattoo Law In Panama City FL

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The Bay County commissioners passed a law in Panama City FL on Tuesday. The new law requires any shop or store that offers henna tattoos to post a sign informing customers that the temporary henna ink may not be so temporary and that it may cause a serve allergic reaction.  The law also states that this sign must be in clear view and within 10 feet of where the henna tattoo with be administered.

In all fairness there have been quite a few cases of people having severe allergic reactions to the henna tattoo ink. However, the people that are experiencing these problems got them in foreign countries. Also the ink that was used was not the traditional brownish henna ink it was black. Some experts are claiming it is the black ink that causes these problems due to the chemical component called PPD that is in them, but the brownish ones seem to still be safe. Regardless of the location and ink color law makers have decided it is worth covering their rear-ends to make sure customers are aware of these problems.

The likelihood of you having an allergic reaction to the ink is problem not very high but if you have sensitive skin or have any doubts that you would have some sort of reaction, then you simply should just stay away from the henna tattoo. There are other options to temporary tattoos. One you can get a temporary tattoo or you can get a tattoo air-brushed on you. Both of these will only last a few days where as henna would last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. Of course you could also go with the real tattoo that last forever, but be certain about your design if you go that route.

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