What To Expect After Getting A Tattoo

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Now that the exciting part of getting a tattoo is over, there are a few things that you should be educated about when it comes to the after part. First and foremost you should know that after the hour is up and you take your bandage off there is a high possibility that there will be some pus and blood on the bandage. This is 100% normal so this should not alarm you. Secondly, you need to make sure whenever you touch your tattoo that your hands are clean. New tattoos are susceptible to bacteria and if the wrong kind of bacteria gets into your skin then you could be in trouble. Thirdly, do not rub your tattoo with a towel or anything. After you are done cleaning it or getting out of the shower pat it dry or let it air dry.

Another important thing one should know that your tattoo will be sore and possibly painful for a few days. This too is normal. If you find your tattoo stinging really bad or itching really bad, try putting an ice cube on it for a few seconds to ease the pain and itching. No matter what you do, do not scratch your new tattoo. You need to make sure that your tattoos scab falls off on its own, if it doesn’t it will look like it has white little dots all in it. Also when you are taking a shower it is common for your tattoo to sting really bad when the water hits it. Just try your best to keep your new tattoo out of the water. Furthermore, it is also common for your tattoo to hurt when pressure is put on the surrounding area. For example, if you get a tattoo on your shoulder blade and you lean back in a chair, or the couch be prepared for it to hurt. Lastly, try to wear clothing that will not rub up against it, it will help the tattoo to heal better and it will help with your comfort level.

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