Be Responsible When It Comes To A Tattoo

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The main reason so many states want to raise the age of tattooing is because the law-makers feel that people that are 18 years of age are still incapable of making the right decision when it comes to getting some body art. Getting a tattoo is very serious business, after all you will have this design with you literally for the rest of your life. This is why it is so important to make the right decisions when it comes to picking out your tattoo design. You should never just walk into a tattoo parlor and say “yeah I’ll take that one” and point to some random design on the wall or in a book. You need to be responsible when it comes to getting a tattoo and picking out your design.

While many high school seniors and college students are on spring break they need to keep in mind that drinking and tattoos absolutely do not go together. One of the worst possible things that can happen is getting so wasted and waking up in the morning with a tattoo and have no memory of it. Even worse the tattoo that you got is something embarrassing or just plain ridiculous. This is why it is important to be sober and not to let people influence you to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, this happens to far too many people over spring break because things just get out of hand. If you feel you might fall victim to the meaningless drunk, spring break tattoo, try your hardest to be in an area that doesn’t have a tattoo parlor for miles.

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