Swimming Is A No No For Your New Tattoo

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Contrary to belief there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be known when it comes to picking out a tattoo, getting a tattoo and taking care of a tattoo. Getting a tattoo is serious business and it is no walk in the park. You will most certainly experience some sort of pain and or discomfort when getting a tattoo and people need to be ware of this. Of course different people have different pain tolerance levels so the amount of pain you fell will be up to you. Also the location of the tattoo will also determine the pain level. However, the most important thing that one needs to know about getting a tattoo is how to take care of it properly, because just like a cut your tattoo can get infected.

One of the biggest no no’s when it comes to getting a tattoo is going swimming and or submerging your new tattoo in water. Many may think this isn’t a big deal but it is. But you should avoid hot tubs, swimming pools and soaking in bathtubs of water while your tattoo is healing. After all a tattoo is a surface wound on your skin and your skin is susceptible to infection and public pools and water are easy sources of bacteria. Thus, allowing unwanted bacteriainto your new tattoo, which will then cause an unwanted infection. Also if you are in water for a long period of time or soaking your tattoo in water it can cause the scab to come off the tattoo prematurelyl cause your tattoo not to heal properly.  So keep in mind if you are planning on going to the beach or some other place where water activities will be involved refrain from getting a tattoo ahead of time or while you are on vacation.

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  1. yoso said,

    Hello Ashley,

    I am sorry but I do not totally agree with you. And I am quite serious about this. Too many mis-conceptions about how to heal a tattoo.

    In Japan, which is probably one the leading tattoo schools. I have been taught another way, which felt actually a lot more confortable to me.

    I have tried various ways for healing. As I also tattoo myself, I have had numerous occasions to try things. And do not worry about having to go over it again, in case the healing did not work properly.

    I am not doctor, but I am still talking from experience. And that is 5 years of trying various healing techniques.

    You are right we should somehow be careful about bacterias. Saying this, I believe the body is strong enough to deal with this, considering we are healthy. We deal with bacterias every days. See kids putting everything theiy find in their mouths. doesn’t mean they’re instantly or systematically ill. Obviously keep your tattoo safe. But water itself is not a problem.

    Sea water might be etchy, and I have not tried it with tattoos, and wouldn’t personally recommend it. However I have tried with other scars. Salt with water (incudings sea water) is actually a very good agent to heal the body and potential infections.

    Regarding scabs, yes if they fall off too quickly they might damage the tattoo. but that might also be due to the fact that the scabbing process happened to fast, hence dries to quickly.
    Never scratch it! It it’s etchy, put a little cream (or water) on it.

    I recommend taking a bath in hot water for 10 minutes every days (or a shower) during the healing process. and putting cream on a regular basis so that the tattoo is never completely dry. I wouldn’t go myself to public swimming pool, because of Japanese Policy regarding tattoo, but also due to chlorine etc…

    The more modern and best technique I have tried so far (especially if wearing clothes). Is to get the tattoo cleaned as soon as finished then put a sticky surgical tape that seals the tattoo for three days. That means under the seal, your blood and ink comes out but remains isolated. In that way, it does not dry for almost two days. The result. Almost no scalping (so no discomfort) and really bright colours ; Can be a little sweaty if you live in a hot country, but it works a treat.
    In anyways, I would never recommend someone to get a tattoo in the summer, unless they remain in the shadow all the time.

    Once you remove the seal, all you need is a little bit of cream.

    Sun is defintely a no no! But that is also true for a lifetime. Sun makes the ink fade away. If you have a full body tattoo, this is probably something you would feel concerned about, you don’t want to spend your life going over it.

    • Ashley said,

      You can think whatever you want about this. But everytime I get a tattoo my artist tells me not to go swimming, submerged my tattoo in water and so on. I think it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a tattoo. They can get infected easily if you don’t take care of them properly. If you are willing to take the chance than by all means do so. I’m just following the rules of my tattoo artist.

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  3. yoso tattoo said,

    You are very right to follow the rules of your tattoo artists. After all He is suppose to give you the best information to protect yourselve and his work. Various tattoo artists, will have different views. I am only expressing my own experiences. Out of interest, did he warn you about not letting the tattoo dry to quickly? or never keeping it totally dry?

  4. in loving memory tattoos - Swimming Is A No No For Your New Tattoo | In Loving Memory Tattoos said,

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