Tattooing Race Horses

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The practice of tattooing thoroughbred racehorses has been around for a very long time. It is the best way for owners, officials and anyone else working closely with the race horse to properly identifiy them. It has become a custom for ever North American racehorse to get a tattoo in their upper lip same time before their first race. The tattoo is simply a series of numbers and letters that are codes for the year of birth and a unique registration number. This helps the racetrack stewards better indentify the horses.

Well now there is some good news for everyone in the race horse community. It has just been announced that owner’s of retired racehorses can now access the tattoo data base free of charge, before this people would have to pay a rather ridiculous fee. The tattoo data base helps people if their horse has become separated from their registration papers. The best news of all is that people who rescue thoroughbred race horses now will have better access to the database and they will be able to identify the horses more quickly. It will also help them be able to get in touch with the breeder or former owner if the horse has been abused, stolen or abandoned.

This just goes to show that tattoo are not all that bad. Granted these tattoos are on animals but they serve an excellent service. Now that this tattoo data base for race horses is accessible for free it will help reunite even more lost horses with their owner’s or help a batter horse find a loving home.

Your Tattoo Friend


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