Sunscreen For Your Tattoo

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If you are new to the tattoo world you need to know that your tattoo’s number one enemy is the sun. It is very important to stay out of the sun and avoid direct sunlight for at least one month after getting inked. After your tattoo is healed it is highly recommended to put a very high SPF sunscreen on your tattoo to help protect it from the suns rays. However, while putting sunscreen on your tattoo is better than nothing it isn’t 100 percent designed to help protect the ink in your tattoo.

When you are out in the sun and your tattoo is exposed to the sun, the sun causes the ink in your tattoo to break down, which in return causes fading, cracking, and image distortion. Even if you limit your exposure to the sun your tattoo can begin to look lighter and less vibrant. While traditional sunscreens protect your skin from burning, they are not designed to protect tattoo ink. Tattooed people can rest a little easier now. There is a new tattoo product coming to the market that is designed especially to protect your tattoo from the sun. It is called Tattoo Armor. Their first product is the Precision Sunscreen Pen that will soon be available. It is as small as a ink pen and the pen has a small brush tip that makes application easy. The Precision Sunscreen pen also is formulated to dry quick and be less messy.

Please note that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put sunscreen on your tattoo. Every tattoo artist out there will tell you to protect your tattoo from the sun and to always wear a high SPF sunscreen. Never go out in the sun without applying sunscreen to your tattoo.

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