Would You Get A Tattoo If It Was Free?

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A lot of people have their reasons for not having tattoos, for some it’s because they don’t like them, they are afraid of needles, they don’t know what design to get and simply because they are rather expensive. So that’ raises the question if you could get a tattoo for free would you get one? This is an excellent question and there really isn’t a right or wrong answer to it. Of course the old saying of  “You get what you pay for” is a good saying to live by. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some tattoo parlors or studios do hold special events at their place of business which sometime include a free tattoo. If you are a tattoo virgin and really want a tattoo keep your eye and ears open for a tattoo parlor or studio in your area to see if they are holding such an event.

Some tattoo parlors have special fund raiser for this. Some require you to give a donation to the human society or to an animal shelter, while others require a donation to breast cancer, and while others have a catch like you have to get your free tattoo of the number 13 or a certain band’s name. But if any of these floats your boat and is something you want then you can actually get your free tattoo. But for the most part if the tattoo you are getting doesn’t cost that much, you should raise an eyebrow and think twice about getting it. It’s always best to see work that your tattoo artist has done to make sure they do good quality work. If they do and then make decision from there. And most important never, never ask for a discount on a tattoo. You will not get one, not unless you are a repeat customer or a good friend.

Your Tattoo Friend


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  1. ujjwal said,

    can we have temporary tattos instead of permanent tattos which looks like same as permanent tattos..???

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