Tattoos Help Grieving Process

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People go out and get tattoos for all sorts of reason, whether it be to celebrate a birth, to form a connection with someone, to moralize someone you love or to simply help yourself grieve the loss of a loved one. More people than you would think get a tattoo to help them remember a loved one that has passed on. Not only does this tattoo help the person who is getting it to remember the person they are immortalizing but it truly can help with the grieving process. It helps the one left here on earth feel like they have a piece of their lost one with them forever and no one can take that away from them.

Some tattoo parlors admit that as  much as 30% of their business is from memorial tattoos. Of course psychologists highly recommend that people don’t do this. However, they do recognize that a tattoo can help someone grieve the loss of a loves one. But they also quickly admit that if someone goes through with a memorial tattoo that they might see it as an impulse decision later on in life, which is complete nonsense. If you are getting a tattoo to remember a lost loved one how could you end up regretting it? If something as simple as a tattoo is going to help someone get over the loss of a loved on than by all means they should do it. Just remember to keep the same rules for getting a regular a tattoo in mind. Think long and hard about your design, think about size and most importantly the location.

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