Don’t Psych Yourself Up Too Much About Getting A Tattoo

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One of the first things people associate tattoos with that are thinking about getting one is the pain that is involved with getting the actual tattoo. Let’s face it people, getting a tattoo does hurt and there really isn’t any getting around that. There are however some numbing creams out there that are available, but there have been a lot of mixed results with them. Some people report that that do work but the cream doesn’t last the entire time of getting the tattoo. While others say that the cream doesn’t work at all. If you ask a tattoo artist they will tell you they are not fans of the cream, they think they are pointless. After all the pain involved with getting a tattoo is just part of the process, if you can’t deal with it or are worried about it you shouldn’t be getting a tattoo.

With that being said it is just best to prepare yourself mentally that getting a tattoo is going to hurt but it’s nothing like giving birth to a child.  You will most certainly feel some sort discomfort and a little bit of pain.Some people describe getting a tattoo like getting stung by hundreds of bees at the same time. While others say it like broken glass being drug across your skin repeatedly. However, it is important to keep in mind that every person is different, everyone has a different pain tolerance and discomfort level. So the best piece of advise is to not psych yourself out too much about getting a tattoo, but your should mentally prepare yourself and truly try not to think too much about it. Just worry about it when you are actually getting the tattoo and to be quite honest you will discover that when you are actually getting the tattoo that it’s not as bad as you thought it would be.

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  1. Neil Legend - Tattoo Artist said,

    Hi Ashley, the amount of pain suffered in getting a tattoo has a lot to do with how good the tattoo artist is. Make sure you choose a tattoo artist that has been in business for several years and is respected in the community.

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