Take This As A Lesson Learned

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It is literally a no brainier that when it comes to picking out a tattoo design that you have got to be 200% sure about your design. Not only is is important to be 200% sure about your tattoo design but you need to thoroughly think through where you want your tattoo to be. It’s best to pick a location on your body where you can cover your tattoo up if need be. Some people just don’t think these things through. Take Eighteen-year-old Kimberly Vlaeminck for example. She went to a  tattoo parlor to get three stars tattooed on her face, which is most certainly not the best place to get a tattoo. Well to Kimberly’s horror she ended up with 56 stars tattooed on her face.

As you can imagine this girl is very unhappy with her tattoo experience and is trying to sue the tattoo artist that tattooed her. Kimberly is claiming that she feel asleep during the tattoo process and when she awoke the left side of her face was covered with 56 stars. Not only it is highly unlikely for someone to fall asleep while getting a tattoo it seems that there might have been a language barrier that helped turn those 3 stars into 56 starts. The tattoo artist said he understood her perfectly, she asked for 56 stars and she got 56 stars. The tattoo artist also insists that Kimberly was awoke the whole time she was getting tattooed

Let this be a lesson learned. Do not ask to get tattooed on your face and absolutely do not get a tattoo in a foreign country. You do not want to risk them misunderstanding what you are asking for.

UPDATE: Kimberly has now admitted that she lied about not wanting the 56 stars on her face. She now says that she indeed asked for all 56 stars and that she was awoke during the whole process.

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  1. Anna said,

    Those are of course good lessons to be learned, though in this particular case you couldn’t blame the tattoo artist as Ms Vlaeminck admitted to have asked for all of the tattoos.


  2. Anna said,

    Forgot to thank you for an awesome blog! 😉

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