Megan Fox Done With Tattoos

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Shockingly enough the Transformer beauty has ended her love affair and addiction to tattoos. Perhaps her mother’s constant begging not to get anymore tattoos has finally gotten to Megan. Whether it was her mother’s influence or not this sexy actress will not be getting any more tattoos on her gorgeous body. Despite the fact that Megan announced that she wanted to get a sleeve done on one of her arms. She has since retracted that statement and now says no more tattoos. Megan claims her reasoning for scrapping the idea of  tattoo sleeve is she fears she may regret it later on in her life and doesn’t want to regret going under the needle.

However, Megan does admit that tattoos are addicting and that she loves the rush she gets when she gets a new tattoo, but insists it’s probably best to stop while she is a head. She has a total of nine tattoos and that seems plenty enough for this sex symbol. Megan says she is trying to refrain from going forward with her tattoo sleeve because she doesn’t want to be 40 years old looking in the mirror at herself  saying,  ‘Oh my God — what did I do?'”

We should all learn a lesson from Megan. While tattoos are great and wonderful you do need to know when to say when. Everyone has there own perception of too much, it’s just important to admit to yourself that you need to stop. Think extra long and hard if you should get another tattoo if you already have several.

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