Another One Bites The Dust

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People never seem to learn that getting someones names tattooed on your body besides your own or your child’s name is going to end in disaster, whether you like it or not. Granted there probably are very few people out there that have not yet been effected by the lover’s name tattoo curse. However, it is safe to say that they will sooner or later. No one is safe from this curse once the ink drys be prepared for your relationship to start going down hill.

Practically every tattoo artist out there will tell you the worst possible mistake that anyone could make when it comes to getting a tattoo is getting a tattoo of a lover’s name. Even if that lover is your spouse, because divorces do happen. This is what many refer to as the big tattoo no no. It looks like Katie Price, aka Jordan is the latest celebrity if you will call her that, to fall victim to the lover’s name tattoo curse. Ironically, Kate just got Peter’s name (Pete) tattooed around her wrist in March as a tribute to her husband to how much she loves him and months later Peter Andre filed for divorce from his wife Katie.

Katie has wasted no time in getting that tattoo covered up. Well more like crossed out. Katie paid £85 to have a black cross through the tattoo, which reads ‘Pete’. Katie insists that she wants to show that Peter is no longer part of her life. She should have just not gotten the tattoo in the first place. Once again take this as a lesson learned.

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