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There has been a lot of news this week regarding your favorite tattooed celebrities. One of you most favorite tattooed actress that has quite a few tattoos of her own divulged that if you want to date her you have to have some ink on you. However, if you don’t have any ink she will literally make you get a tattoo of her face or her name. Which we all know that’s not the brightest thing to do because you don’t always stay with someone forever. And nine times out of ten that is the kiss of death for a relationship. Who is this actress? None other than Megan Fox.

The second celebrity that has been displaying some new ink is a clean cut wholesome actress, singer and designer. This former Disney star prides herself of staying out of trouble and doing the right thing. She was recently spotted on the beach sporting a new black tattoo located on her ribs. In case you are wondering this location for a tattoo has become quite popular with some female celebrities and in case you are wondering, this location is an extremely painful place to get tattooed. Her new tattoo simply reads “ma petite amie”which is translated to” my girlfriend”Who is this actress? Hilary Duff.

Lastly, one of you favorite singers that is an avid tattoo fan and admits to spending a lot of free time just hanging out in tattoo parlors actually gave someone a tattoo. The Barbados born beauty, Rihanna stopped in to see her favorite tattoo artist BangBang in New York City and before she knew it she was giving BangBang a new tattoo.

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  1. Cyrielle said,

    Hi !

    First of all, I wanted to say that i really love your blog !!!

    I’m French and I’m writting in order to correct what you wrote about this tattoo: “ma petite amie” is an expression we use to say “my girlfriend”… (and “mon petit ami” is “my boyfriend”)

    Thx for all ! Can’t wait to read others articles !!

    Bye, take care


  2. Sean said,

    Apparently you don’t care about telling the truth …
    Why didn’t you change the sentence ??

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