Don’t Make These Chinese Tattoo Mistakes

July 12, 2009 at 9:11 am (Uncategorized)


A lot of people are drawn to Chinese and Asian style tattoos because they look cool and there is just s mystic about them. Well because of this a lot of people have Chinese and Asian styled tattoos that are misspelled or not tattooed on in the correct way. It is very easy to mistranslate something when getting a tattoo in another language. For instance there is a lot that goes into a Chinese or Asian tattoo to make it authentic.

Furthermore, with a Chinese and Asian tattoos you not only have to get the character correct but there are other things that need to be paid attention to, like to positioning of the character. If one small piece of the character is not right or is slanted the wrong way or a little accent mark thing is put on the wrong side it completely loosing its meaning. But then again if you do no speak Chinese and you don’t know anyone who does than it is probably no big deal. But then again you will know that it is not correct.

So if you want to get some sort of Chinese or Asian Style tattoo make sure that you do your research. Don’t just walk into the tattoo parlor and pick a Chinese character off the wall. Look around on the internet, go to the library or better yet if you can find someone of Asian decent ask them to provide you with the correct character for the word or phrase you want tattooed on you. It is always better to safe than sorry when it comes to tattoos.

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