Cocoa Beach Getting Strict On Tattoo Parlors

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A lot of towns and communities have problems with there being tattoo parlors in certain parts of town, because they feel it ruins the images of the town or community and attract the wrong crowd. Which if these people would just open up their eyes they would see that tattoos are not so taboo anymore and that not just rowdy bikers, criminals and up to no good people get tattoos. The average person to get a tattoo is a stay at home mom, a soccer mom, a business man and retired people. With that being said Cocoa Beach doesn’t seem to realize this. They are going through the proper procedures to make it a law that such businesses as tattoo parlors and piercing facilities to be separated by more than 2,000 feet and restrict them to certain areas, a move that follows efforts in recent years to make the city a more family-oriented beach destination.

The tattoo parlors themselves are not very upset about this new law trying to be passed but they feel that they have every right to be in business just as much as anyone else. If there is a need to for tattoo parlors and people are coming in and getting tattoos then obviously there is a need for the community to have a tattoo parlor or two. Cocoa Beach feels that tattoos bring in a rowdy crowd and they don’t want that brought into their family oriented place.

In all honesty it won’t attract these “rowdy people” and if  people have a problem with tattoo parlors then they should just simply stay away from them. Tattoo parlors do not cause harm to communities they help them. It’s not like they tattoo artist are standing outside the shop trying to solicit people to come in.

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  1. Ken said,

    Tattoo are very much in the mainstream nowadays in a lot of areas…its just an expression of one’s self and a body art…I dont see why people would view tattoo in a negative way.

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