Tattoo Business Still Thriving

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With the crazy state the United States economy is in right now and with people loosing their jobs and having to foreclose on their homes. It is a surprises that the tattoo business has not seen a fall in business but rather an increase. Many tattoo parlors, shops and studios are reporting that since the economy started going down hill their business has not been effected and that their business is actually growing. Well it seems that this is still true as we enter the summer months. Tattoo shop owner’s are still reporting that they have not seen a dip in business. So this has a lot of people wondering how the tattoo business can still be thriving at a time like this.

That indeed is the million dollar question that even the tattoo shop owners don’t really know the answer either. Some say its because people are investing in things for themselves and what better way to invest in some really great artwork on your skin. Granted you will never be able to sell it to get some money back like you would with traditional artwork but none the less it is a great way to mark an interesting chapter in your life. Another possible reason is that people are simply saving their money and putting a lot of thought into their tattoo. Also more often than not people who get tattoos are mostly in their teenage years and young twenties. And it seems those age brackets don’t seem to have been as effected by the economy as a white collar business man or woman in their late twenties and thirties.

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