50 Cent Is Getting Rid Of His Tattoos

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It looks like famous rapper 50 Cent also know as Fiddy is sick of all his tattoos and is taking action to fix that problem. Fiddy doesn’t regret any of his tattoos but he feels that since he is trying to pursue an acting career that it is probably in his best interest to get most of his very noticeable tattoos removed. 50 Cent says that he is sick and tired of showing up four hours before call time just so he can sit in a chair  for four hours and get his tattoos covered up. Don’t fret though he is not getting rid of all of his tattoos. Fiddy is going to keep his very well known tattoo that covers his entire back that says 50 and above that Southside.

This is a great example to all the up in coming actors and actress’s. Why it is your right to have tattoos, you have to be aware that some directors are not fond of them. If you fit the part for the role and depending on how many tattoos you have and how big they are you will spend hours upon hours of your time in the make up chair covering them up. So give this some thought when thinking about getting a tattoo. Of course there is always an expectation to the rule like Angelina Jolie. She is a wonderful actress and any director will work with her no matter how many tattoos she has. But most people do not fall in this category. It is best when deciding to get a tattoo to get one that is in a less noticeable place and that can be covered up with clothing easily.

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