The Tattoo Curse Strikes Again

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People never seem to learn this lesson from other people who have been through this. It is pretty much a guarantee that once you get a lover’s name tattooed on you or get a portrait of them tattooed on your body that you will break up. This is not something that people pull out of the air it is a proven fact. For some unknown reason there is a tattoo curse on these tattoos. So if you are in a very happy relationship and feel the need to get a tattoo of your lover’s name or to get a portrait of them on your body just simply don’t. Within a short period of time the tattoo curse will take effect on your relationship and it will be no more.

Well it seems that, rapper, producers and songwriter Jermaine Dupri learned this lesson the hard way just like everyone else does. Let’s face it just because you are a celebrity does not mean that the tattoo curse will have no effect on you, in all honestly it seems to happen more to celebrities because they don’t learn from other celebrities mistakes. A few months ago Jermaine that it would be a wonderful idea to get this huge tattoo on the side of his body of the Virgin Mary, except the Virgin Mary was really his girlfriend of seven years, Janet Jackson. As you can imagine the tattoo curse hit them and the couple is no longer together.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo of a lover’s name or a portrait of them just simply dont’!

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  1. Diana said,

    Do you have any recent statistics for people who are tattooing their bodies? I am along the line of thinking that tattooing, especially for females, is on a steep rise. Where can I find some recent statistics on the real numbers? Also, seems like every person who lives on the Island of Maui under the age of 40 has a tattoo. Is this a statistic you can confirm? Diana

    • Ashley said,

      I’m not sure what the current statistics are. I do believe that more women are getting tattoos than men. The last one I know about was done in 2008 and it stated that 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 40 have at least one tattoo.

  2. Kiera said,

    The stupidity of some people….

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