Tattoos In The Workplace Becoming Less Taboo

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Every since tattoos have been around people automatically deem them inappropriate in the workplace. However, this negative stereotype might actually be loosing up a little bit. Tattoos are still a major problem for some industries and companies but some are starting to realize that just because an employee has a tattoo it doesn’t mean they can’t perform their job well. They also realize that their clients don’t have a problem with the tattoos and it has no effect on them doing business with them. But on the flip side, some jobs still consider them a taboo and very inappropriate. Lawyers for instance are looked upon as being very professional and most clients expect them to be professional and to dress in a professional way. Of course this doesn’t mean they can’t have tattoos, it just means they are discreet about them and cover them up.

There was actually a huge discussion held over the weekend entitled, Tattoos and Professionalism. Several business minded people showed up as well as some tattoo artist. This panel discussed whether or not people should be able to show off their tattoos in the work place. A Vice President of an advertising company admitted that their clients come to them because of their creativity and they have never heard of their employees tattoos being an issue with their client. After all tattoos are just like looks in a way. You shouldn’t judge someone because of their age, size, race or religious beliefs and the same should be said about tattoos. None of the above things have anything to do with a persons capability to do a job and do it well.

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