Can Tattoo Artist Help You Spot Skin Cancer?

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Most people look down upon tattoo artist and believe that they live rough and out of control lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, they may like to party a little more and have a good time, but where’s the crime in that? The truth of the matter is, tattoo artist are not dumb people and it takes a lot of skill to be able to ” draw” on someones skin. Not just anybody can pick up a tattoo gun and give a good quality tattoo. It seems that some Dermatologists feel tattoo artist can actually help customers spot skin cancer. They would like to offer a class to tattoo artists that can educate them in skin cancer and learn how to recognize a pre-cancerous legion. There are three kinds of cancerous legions they would like for them to learn to spot, basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma.

Of course these dermatologists realize that these tattoo artists are not doctor’s and really don’t have the authority to tell their customers it could be cancer. But they feel that since they work so closely with people’s skin that it would be great if they could give their client a heads up if they spotted something that looked questionable. They advice the tattoo artist’s to recommend to their customers to see a doctor and get it checked out and even go as far as saying they won’t tattoo them until they get checked out.

By these dermatologists having so much faith in tattoo artist it kind of gives the tattoo community some hope that maybe people will change their minds about the tattoo world, especially if they start saving lives!

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