Sleeve Tattoos Becoming A Fad

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With anything fads come and go and some have the ability to stand the test of time and be around forever, while others are simply that a fad and the coolness of them quickly fades out as quick as they became a fad. This is why it is so very important to not fall for getting a fad tattoo. Sure there are some fad tattoos that will be around forever such as butterflies, hearts, stars, flowers and portraits of loved ones. When thinking about a tattoo design just think long and hard and try to determine if what you are getting is something that can stand the test of time. Also it’s a good idea not to get a tattoo that someone suggests unless you are 120% on board with it. Tattoo designs are something that you should decide on, on your own.

However, there might be an alternative to tattoo fads. For sometime now tattoos sleeves have become a little more popular than they once were. More and more celebrities, athletes and rock-stars are sporting them. But tattoo sleeves are something that one must be 200% sure about, there is no turning back once you have them. However, there is a simply solution to getting tattoo sleeves without spending the money, time or having to go through the pain of getting a tattoo. A company is selling these tattoo sleeves that you can wear, they are made up of stretchable washable nylon. These sleeves come in a variety of designs, some feature tigers, snakes, dragons, celtic and tribal designs. So if you want to test drive a tattoo sleeve this is probably the best way to do it.

Your Tattoo Friend


Here are some great Tattoo Designs you can check out!

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