More Information On Foot Tattoos

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Foot tattoos are becoming  very popular amongst the females. It is probably safe to say that one of the most tattooed areas on a woman’s body is probably her lower back and her foot. For some reason women seem to be gravitating towards the foot tattoos. Not only do they look extremely sexy paired with a pair of heels but there is also have some sort mystique about them. Let’s face it some places on the body just look great with a tattoo on it and the foot is certainly one of those places.

However, there is a lot that one needs to know before heading out to the tattoo parlor to get a foot tattoo. First of all not all tattoo artist will tattoo feet. Some feel its a waste because they tend to fade more and the healing time is a little longer than other places on the body. Also it is best to get a foot tattoo in the spring or summer time, because you will need to wear flip flops or some sort of sandal that will not touch the tattoo while it is healing. Another tip that most people do not think about is having your dog or pet not step on your foot. You may not realize how often it happens in everyday life but it little Fido steps on your recently tattooed foot it is going to hurt really bad. Also you need to try and avoid them scratching your foot. This can led to an infection and will leave you tattoo with a big white mark. Furthermore you should be prepared of your foot swelling, try to keep it elevated when possible. Lastly, some people report that when their tattoo is healing that every time they take a step it cracks the scab in the tattoo and can cause some discomfort.

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