Don’t Be A Victim To Fad Tattoos

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When one decides to get a tattoo is can be a hard decision, there are so many tattoo designs to pick from it is really hard to decide which one is for you and which one you fell you can live with for the rest of your life. This is why it is so very important to put a lot of thought to this decision. One of the worst things you can do is go out and get a fad tattoo. Fad tattoos are something that is really popular at the time you get them but don’t necessarily stand up to the test of time because like any fad they come and go. Since tattoos are permanent and you can’t just rub it off when you don’t want it anymore it’s best to pick a tattoo design that means something special to you and that you will never regret.

Believe it or not some people do get fad tattoos just for the sake of having them and don’t think about to repercussions later on down the road. For instance, Twilight exploded onto the bookshelves and now the big screen and it a very popular series. That doesn’t mean you should rush out a get a tattoo of Edward Cullen on your body. Unfortunately, a lot of people are doing this and in a few years when the hysteria of Twilight dies down these people will probably be asking themselves why they got these tattoos. Another big fad that is going on is people are getting tattoos of celebrities children, this is just plain ridiculous. These kids have nothing to do with you or your life so it is best to stay away from this fad.

The moral of the story is put some serious thought into your tattoo design don’t get something that is very popular now and won’t be a in a few years. It’s also wise to stay away from tattoos of celebrities. A lot of celebrities come and go and can’t last in Hollywood and you would feel really stupid if you had one of them tattooed on you.

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