Tattoos No Longer A Boys Club

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When tattoos first came about it was nearly unheard of for women to have them. Tattoos really started to thrive in the military. Sailors would dawn their bodies with tattoos to show where they had been, what part of the service they were in, and so on and so forth. However, for a women back in those times to have a tattoo they were just considered a freak. In fact the only women who had tattoos back in those times were women who where in the circus. Well years have passed and tattoos have come a very long way. Now men are not the only ones allowed to have some body art on their skin. It is safe to say that the same amount of women go out and get tattoos as men and if it’s the not the same it’s pretty close.

However, it seems that it is completely okay for a women to get a tattoo but it’s another story for a women to give a tattoo. There are quite a few women tattoo artists out there but not nearly as many as their are men. Could this be because men artist are making it difficult for them to get into the tattoo business or because less women are interested in becoming a tattoo artist? Whatever the reason is, women are still looked down upon more than men if they do have body art. Women are thought of as being these pure, innocent creatures and having a tattoo is just considered inappropriate . This is probably why more women than men have their tattoos removed and seem to have more regrets about their tattoos.

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