Tattoo Tips For First Timers

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Deciding to get a tattoo is a fun and exciting decision in ones life, but you should also be aware of a few little things before you jump the shark and get inked. There are several tattoo tips out there and several people may give your different ones, but there a several general rule of thumb tattoo tips that every first timers should be educated on before going to the tattoo parlor or studio and getting inked.

Below are a few rule of thumb tips:

* First and foremost you want to be certain the tattoo parlor you choose has the proper sterilizing equipment like an autoclave. You also want to make sure they have bio-hazard container to dispose of bloody objects and needles.

* Make sure your tattoo artist is knowledgeable, well mannered and helpful. Some tattoo artist have attitudes and or quirky personalities if you are not comfortable with that, then simply find another tattoo artist.

* A good tattoo artist will be able to answer any question you may have about tattooing if they don’t know then they should be able to ask someone or find out for you.

* A good tattoo artist will also double check that you are satisfied with your tattoo design before the start tattooing it on you.

* A good tattoo artist will wear fresh disposable gloves, they open a new needle in front of you and they use fresh ink.

* The tattoo artist will provide you with clear and easy to follow aftercare instructions.

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  1. Renee said,

    Hello I seen your blog and I also seen that you were sponsoring and I am a member there and I can’t seem to get to their webpage it tells me that is a forbidding webpage and error 403 whatever this means. I hope that you can help me with this.

    • Ashley said,

      I will contact the owner of the site and see if he can help you.

  2. hippieman said,

    hi, i have been searching the web for sites that have tips and techniques for giving tattoos. every site i go to has either been tips about choicing a tatto and such, or it advertises a tattooing instruction book or dvd for purchase. do you know of any sites thats actually lists tips and techniques about giving a tattoo?

  3. kenny said,

    i have make a tribal tattoo but i tink its ugly and d artist wasnt gud at all in the design. shud i go for other tattoo shop and redo it ? and add some more ?

    • Ashley said,

      It wouldn’t hurt to get another artist to look at it and give their advice on what you should do.

  4. kenny said,

    oh okay. thanks. my tribal tattoo is black one then how come i saw some tattoo the colour looks like green colour one but mine is black looks so fake ? haha and isit nice if the tribal i add with some japanese word on it ? i want to put another tattoo on my leg. what advice would you give

  5. kenny said,

    anyone have any comment ?

    • Ashley said,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. If you want to cover up that tribal tattoo than keep in mind the tattoo that you get to cover it up will have to be at least three times the size of the tattoo you already have.

  6. kenny said,

    ok. how come some tattoo is greenish colour while mine black ?

    • Ashley said,

      I really don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with the ink your tattoo artist used or your body could of had some kind of reaction to the ink causeing it to look black and not green.

    • NIGHTFALL said,

      Well If Their Tribal Looks An Off Color Such As Green And Not (BLACK) For One The Artist Could Have Sucked, Secondly The Ink Used Could Have Been Low Quality. And Last But Not Least The Tattoo Could Be Old And Done Long Ago And With Any Of The Above Factors Could Be Why There Tattoo Looks Green As You Say But I Think Your Meaning More Of That Faded Black That Looks Blue…. Anyhow TRIBAL In General Is Supposed To Look Black Thats One Of The Main Aspects Of Tribal… And The Best Ink For The Blackest Tattoo’s Is (KURO SUMI) And That Is Fact.. Until Next Time…ROCK ON!!!

  7. NIGHTFALL said,


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