New Tattoo Ink Makes Removal Easier

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There has been some controversy over this new tattoo ink that has come out. The new tattoo ink has been out since the fall of 2007 but some people are claiming that the ink doesn’t do what everyone claims it does. This new ink is  permanent as well as removable. It is made by storing dye in microscopic capsules that will stay in the skin for good. But if you wake up one day and decide you no longer want your tattoo or regret it one day, it can simply be zapped away with a single laser treatment that is simpler and less painful than the barrage of treatments now needed.

People are now coming forward who have gotten a tattoo with this new “removable” ink and  are saying the removal process isn’t as easy as the makers of this new ink are saying. For instance they state you will only have to under go one laser tattoo removal session. Well real life people are auguring that it takes six sessions just like it would with the old traditional  ink.

The bottom line is people are missing the whole point about getting a tattoo. A tattoo is meant to be permanent and be with you the rest of your life. If you feel you won’t be able to live with a tattoo for the rest of your life, simply don’t get one. Don’t rely on a new ink method to save you. The cost of laser tattoo removal is far more expensive than getting a tattoo and it is pretty much guaranteed even with this new tattoo ink that you will have to under go multiple sessions to get rid of your tattoo. Not only does this new ink cost considerably more than your traditional tattoo ink, but if you decide you don’t want this tattoo anymore you will have to shell out even more money to get it removed. Simply put think before you ink. A tattoo is a life committment if you feel you can’t make it than you are not cut out to have a tattoo.

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  1. in loving memory tattoos - New Tattoo Ink Makes Removal Easier | In Loving Memory Tattoos said,

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  2. Antoinette said,

    Can you please tell me what the procedure name for the injectable cream is? I know that not many doctors do it in the US. I have done laser for two years and still is visible. Would like to try the injectable cream that breaks up the ink. I am so desperate because now it looks worse then it did when it was just a tattoo. Thank you!

    • Ashley said,

      I really don’t know if this stuff works. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Try doing some research online and see if other people have had success with it.

  3. New Tattoo Ink Makes Removal Easier said,

    […] […]

  4. Peter Towler (xlcr) said,

    I think this is great for anyone who might be worried about possible removal at a later date. What if you fall out with your cuuent partner, for instance. Do you go through the current unpleasant removal proceedure ao find another one with the same name!!

  5. tattooremoval1 said,

    was reading your blog seems to be interesting considering i just happen to have a tatto of an ex i gotta get rid.

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