Tattoos and Bug Bites

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I know this might sound a little strange and weird. But I bring this up because I was outside playing with my dog last night and got a mostique bite on my tattoo that I have on my shoulder. Now I’m not too sure if I’m the only one this happens too, but I swear I am allergic to mostique. Every time one bites me I swell up where they bite me and it itches really bad. Well to the tattoo part. Since the bit was ironically right in the middle of my tattoo, my tattoo decided to get all raised and bumpy. So I was wondering if this has happened to someone else. I will admit that my tattoo will get raised and bumpy on it’s own sometime without the bug bite.

However, I have read that this is normal and there is nothing to be scared of. It has to do with something with the ink. Honestly I don’t think people really know why this happens but it does and you shouldn’t be alarmed by it. Well back to the bug bite. Usually, what I do is grab a piece of ice and rub it across my tattoo for a while and then dry it off and put some lotion on it and the bumpiness usually goes away.

So the moral of this story is don’t fret if you notice your tattoo getting raised and bumpy from a bug bite. Nothing is wrong and it will go down soon. However, the only time you should worry about your tattoo getting raised, bumpy and itchy is after you have gotten the tattoo, Which this reaction may indicate that your are allergic to the ink and you should contact a doctor asap.

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  1. delaney55 said,

    Yes, I have had that too and is normal with a bug bite, you just notice the swelling more on the tat. For me it depends on where I get bit. If the bite is on most of my body it isn’t too bad but if the darn mosquito bites me on the legs or butt, then I get really big, swollen, itchy as hell spots that are twice the size of anywhere else.

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