A Few Tips One Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

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Several people think that you can just waltz into a tattoo parlor or tattoo studio and just sit down in the chair and get some ink, well that is not the case. You most certainly can do that but you need to be prepared before you walk in there and get your body ink. First of all you should have your design picked out and should be certain on the location your want your new tattoo to be on. However, there are several things you need to do to prepare yourself as well as your body for your new tattoo. Since tattoos breach the skin and a foreign object, the tattoo ink is being injected into your skin you need to prepare your body for this disturbance.

* First and foremost you can not have any alcohol in your system. Some people say getting liquored up before you get some ink can help numb the pain. Well this is awful advise. Your body needs to be clear of all alcohol. Alcohol thins your blood, which means you will bleed more. More blood means the longer it will take for the tattoo to heal not to mention that your tattoo artist will have a difficult time doing a good quality job when you are bleeding more than you should be.

*This next tip maybe kind of silly but you need to make sure you are clean. Make sure you take shower, you are going to be in close proximity of your tattoo artist so your don’t want to stink.

*Another great way to help your body get ready for a new tattoo is increase your intake of vitamin C. Not only is it good for your body but it will also help with the healing process.

* Another silly tip is to make sure you have a good nights sleep before getting your new tattoo. If you body is tried and fatigued it could effect the way your immune system handles getting the new tattoo.

*On the day of your tattoo it is probably best not to wear white because you could get a little bit of blood on your clothing. All tattoos bleed this is normal. It’s also probably best to wear clothes that are not tight and won’t get in the way of getting your tattoo. For instance if you are a woman getting a tattoo on your shoulder where a tank top or be prepared to take your shirt off when getting it.

*One of the most important tips is to make sure your do not get a tattoo on an empty stomach. Many people can feel light headed and faint. You very well could pass out while getting a tattoo if they don’t have anything in your stomach.

*Another great tip for tattoo virgins is to bring some sort of distraction with you. If you have an ipod bring it to listen to. Or bring a friend to have a conversation with. But most of the time your tattoo artist will strike up a conversation with you to help keep your mind off of the tattoo.

Your Tattoo Friend


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  1. Elena Montes said,

    Hey it is very important to take care of your skin while getting the first tattoo done. Also due care is required to be taken to protect the skin from any kind of contamination.

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